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LifeClub Healthy Life Services Inc. was established in May 2021 with the aim of providing personalized guidance on holistic health management with a preventive medicine approach.
"Turkey's first personalized health management application", designed to provide a highly personalized and targeted, result-oriented service experience, where physical and remote health services come together in a harmonious manner, took its place on the App Store and Google Play in May 2022. LifeClub application offers all the needs in the field of sustainable healthy living together with the motto of “Goodness, Health”.
LifeClub Application; LifeClub Health combines three different service areas with LifeClub Wellness and LifeClub Platform in a single application.

LifeClub Health, which will be your guide while managing your health; LifeClub Wellness, which will guide you from sports to diet, from mental health to sleep patterns for your well-being; LifeClub Platform, which will meet your needs for a healthy life, offers what you need for a life full of goodness and health.

Providing service with its experienced team in the health sector and its expert staff in the field of technology, LifeClub Healthy Life Services A.Ş. is a Acıbadem Healthcare Group company.

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LifeClub is a Acıbadem Health Group Company.